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Fire and water do not agree, and they are two opposite things. How can they be together peacefully. Today, we are going to make a candle on the water with cotton wicks, lamp oil or vegetable oil. Here is the magic: Passion-bump between water and candle just as the conflict between white and red.


vegetable oil or lamp oil

Glass Bottle

Plastic Bottle or Plastic Piece


Graphic Tutorials

Firstly, Cut the plastic bottle or the plastic piece into a round one,  the same size of the mouth of a glass bottle. Then make a hole in the round plastic piece, and through the cotton candle wicks into the hole. Thirdly, pour the water into the glass bottle about the 80% of the capacity of glass bottle. Fourthly, pour the lamp oil or vegetable oil on the water. Finally, put the wicks with the round plastic piece on the oil, and light the candle wicks.  This is the easiest candle making in this world. 

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