You Need a Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp
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How do you feel when you saw a soft warm calming orange glow in your room. Close your eyes, and image. And I think it is necessary for you to know something about Himalayan Salt Lamps for home improvement.

Each of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is basically made up of salt crystal, incandescent bulb and dimmable cord. Each salt crystal is hand-crafted with a large piece of Himalayan rock salt. It has its own shapes and different sizes and colors, which is unique in the world. No two Salt lamps are the same in these World.

I think some of you have all heard something or another about the Himalayan salt lamp benefits for home improvement. There has been little evidence to show that they do have some benefits, but my salt lamps do make my room smell clean and make me camping when sawing in the night. And my child also like them as a desk night lights.

In my opinion, there are 3 main benefits

Emitting Negative Ions: How is your feeling, when standing under a waterfall, taking a hike up the mountain, Facing towards the sea. Yeah, the happy feeling you feel is the result of negative ions. Working as a natural negative ions generator, the Salt Lamp absorbs the moisture from the air, then evaporating, absorbing again, evaporating again. This progress is ontinuous alternately. During this progress, negative ions produces. I got a better sleep after getting the lamps in my room.

Air Purifying: Working as a natural air purifier, the Pink Salt Lamp can remove and aborts dust, smoking, and something like polluted particles from the surrounding air. It is also said that it may have a little help for allergy and asthma symptoms by cleanse and deodorize air.

Stress Reducing: The stress from our daily life always makes people be in tension and anxiety, which have bad impact on people’s physical-mental health. The Salt Lamp gives out a warm soft calming glow, which can efficiently reduce the impact on people’s health. With a salt lamp on, enjoy a calming environment! I love the pink glowing from my salt lamp

How To Maintain the Salt Lamp for a Long Use

  • Clean the surface with a dry soft cloth so as to maintain a good transmittance in the daily time. Using a wet cloth or wet sponge, if there dirt on it.DO NOT WASH LAMP WITH WATER!
  • If unused for a long time, the salt lamp should be wrapped with plastic bag to keep it dry all the time.

NOTES: The Salt Lamp absorbs moisture, sometimes there may condensation of water on the surface.AND PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! Please check the Bulb and Cord to make sure both bulb and cord dry before using!

How to choose TOP Himalayan Salt Lamps

There are mainly 3 factors you should consider, besides getting the lowest price before your purchasing the salt lamps.

Color: Generally, you should choose the high quality with color of Pink and Orange.

Size: Choose the size of Salt lamp according to the area of the room you placed the lamps.


1-2 kg covered area is about 3-5 square meters

2-3 kg covered area is about 5-9 square meters

3-5kg covered area is about 9-14 square meters

5-7 kg covered area is about 14-18 square meters

8-10 kg covered area is about 18-25 square meters

Shape: Generally, you should choose the high quality with shape of Oval.

The Best Salt Lamps I’ve Found

I got several Himalayan salt lamps with the shape of Natural Oval, Bowl and Cross. And i will recommend your some crystal salt lamp on Amazon, where you can got these beautiful salt lamps. Also with Bulbs and cord. Do not buy colorful LED Salt lamps, it’s not the real one.

Now, you can get Himalayan Salt Lamp for your rooms in your house for home improvement.