How to make a Egg-Shaped Scented Candles

Today, We are going to make a scented candle with a Egg-Shaped Jar. Here we go:

 Candle making kits

Materials:(click for more details):

Candle Making kits (candle wick 1pcs + SS wick holder 1pcs + Sticker Tab 1pcs)

Soy Wax

Egg-Shaped Jar with lid

Stainless Melting Pot

Essential Oil 

Candle Dye (Yellow)

Step 1:  Melt the Soy with the Stainless Melting Pot


Step 2: Pour the essential oil into the soy wax and stir

Step 3: Stick the candle wicks to the bottom of the Candle Jar with a sticker tab.

Step 4: Pour the scented wax into the glass jar, then lid the jar with the upside-down lid.

Step 5: Take the upside-down lid off, after the wax coagulate, and make the wick be central with SS wick holder

Step 6: Add the yellow candle dye to the soy wax and stir, then pour the dyed wax into the jar

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Any other quetions, please feel free to contact me via leaving a reply.

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