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Today, we are going to make another kind of ice candle with ice flower candle wax— Iceberg Candle


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Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

Step 1: Through the wick into the plastic mold, and holding the wick in place to ensure a perfectly centered wick.

Step 2: Melt the ice flower wax and palm wax with melting pot. Please take attention that 100g ice flower wax matches with 3g palm wax.

Step 3: Add some ice into the candle mold

Step 4:Add blue dye into the mixed candle wax and stir

Step 5: Measure the temperature with thermometer before pouring. please take attention that this temperature of the melted wax must be between 90 – 100 ℃

Step 6: Get the candle out of the mold after the wax solidifying.

Tips: You can use the hot towel to wrap the mold before you get the candle out of the mold, if it is hard to get out.

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