How to make a Scented Christmas Candles with Molds

Ever dream of making a scented pillar Christmas candle for your Christmas decorating or as a christmas gift, what you could do is to make Christmas Candles all by yourself,rather than buy yankee candle. We got a Video Tutorial and Text Tutorial for your reference. Here we go:


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Soy Wax or Bees Wax( approx. 130g-140g )

Candle Making kits (candle wick 1pcs + SS wick holder 1pcs)

Christmas Mold

(1 pcs mould with the pattern of Christmas Tree, Elk and Star)

Glitter Glue

(Green Glitter 1pcs + Golden Glitter 1 pcs)

Video tutorial

Text tutorial :

a) Cut down one side of the mould 1/3 to make the candle out of mold easily. Hold mold together with elastic bands and line up edges before pouring wax. (You can ignore this step, if you can get candle out of mold easily)

b) Put a little hole in the bottom of the Candle Mold and thread the wick through there. then hold the wick in the central with stainless steel wick holder, also you can use something else to hold the wick.

c)Melt the wax with a stainless melting pot or something else.

d)Pour the wax into the mould after the wax get a little cooler.

e)Get the christmas candle out of the mold after the wax solidification

f)Painted the candle with the glitter glue.

Also, you can get some materials or products @ bestup4home ‘s SHOP to making candles by yourself

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