How to Make a Scented Pillar Candles with Plastic Molds

pillar candle

Today, we are going to make a scented pillar candle with mold. And it is so easy to make one at home by yourself.

So, here we go:


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Step 1

Assemble the pre waxed wicks, the SS wick holder and plastic mold. Thread the wick through the wick holder and the hold at the bottom of the mold. 

Step 2

Melt the Soy with the Stainless Melting Pot

Step 3

Pour the essential oil into the soy wax and stir

Step 4

Pour the scented soy wax into the plastic mold slowly

Step 5

Get the cake candle out of the mold after the wax solidifying. 

Tips: You can use the hot towel to wrap the mold before you get the candle out of the mold, if it is hard to get out.

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