Image that making some bottle tiki torches to light up your indoor or outdoor parties and gatherings with your family or friends after sun sets. It is so easy to make a tiki torches that everyone can DIY with some low-cost materials : empty bottle, and Tiki torch kits. Now, Let’s begin:


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Tiki torch kit: Tiki torch wick, copper coupling, thread seal tape

Empty wine bottle

Tiki torch fuel


Text Tutorial

Step 1: Wash your Wine bottle in hot soapy water to remove all the wine residue. some of the bottles have label on it, you can run the bottle under hot water to remove them. Then dry the clean wine bottle.

Step 2: You can wrap the copper coupling with thread seal tape,which you can find them in the Tiki torch wick, if the size of the opening of the wine bottles does not fit the copper coupling.

Step 3: Through the tiki torch wick into the copper coupling, and leave about 1/4 inch extending wick, where you can light the torch.

Step 4: Fill the clean wine bottle with the tiki torch fuel up to the bottle starts to narrow.

Step 5: Insert the wick and fasten the wick. Then you can light your tiki torch to light up your parties and gatherings, after a few minutes when the tiki wick absorb the fuel

how to make tiki torch

Tips:  you can place some glass beads in the bottle before filling the fuel

Warning: Keep the children and pets away from the lighting torch

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