How to make bath bombs with bath bomb molds

How to make bath bombs

This is the Basic Bath-bombs-making tutorial. You can make all kinds of bath bombs after seeing this tutorial with different dyes, essential oil and different shapes of molds. Now get your bath bomb recipe.

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Bath Bombs, which are made of mixture of several dry ingredients, are used as a soap when take a bath. They always add color, bulbs and scents to the bathwater. You can find a lot of lush bath bombs in the market with all kinds of shape, color, and fragrance and scent oil. But it is so hard to find a right one for yourself. Why not diy bath bombs at home to make one for yourself! Here we go:

Ingredients and Bath Bomb Recipe

Baking soda

Citric acid

Corn Starch

Pink salt or Epson Salt

Vegetable oil

Bath bomb molds

Pigment and Milk

Essential oil

Amino acid foaming agent

Dry flowers

a)  Bath bombs recipe — Baking Soda : Citric Acid : Corn Starch : Pink Salt / Epson Salt = 2 : 1 : 1 : 0.8

b) You can also replace the Pink Salt with Epson Salt, if you want to make a bath bomb with spin effect

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

A) Mix the 500g baking soda, 250g citric acid, 250g corn starch, 200g pink salt or Epson salt with a mix bowl, and stir well

B) Add some dry flowers and stir (click here to find how to make dry flowers)

C) Add Vegetable oil, and stir

D) Add  a little Amino acid foaming agent at three different times, and stir rapidly

E) Divide the dry mixture into 4 little mix bowls

F) Add the Essential Oil into the 4 different bowls and stir. Then add different pigments to the 4 different bowls and stir.

G) Add a spoon of milk and stir, until the mixture can be kneaded into ball

H) Put different color of mixture into the bath bomb molds and compress tightly

I) Get the bath bombs out of the molds after 10 hours

Now, you can enjoy your bath with these bath bombs. Also homemade bath bombs is also best gifts for your friends and family.

Here are some recommend plastic and steel molds for your reference :