Some kind of candle wax are becoming solid and non-transparent after candle making, such as paraffin wax, soy wax, bees wax and so on. However, there is one kind of candle wax are transparent after making a candle. Today, we are going to make a ocean candle with Jelly wax.


Red Wine Glass



Sea Stars

Jelly Wax

Color Sand

Glass sand

Color stone

candle making


Step 1:  Get the melting tools ready to melt the jelly wax:  a pair of scissors, melting pot and spoon.

Step 2: Cut up the jelly wax with the scissors, and lay the jelly wax down the melting pot. Then heat. Please decrease temperature, if there is white smoke or foam during the melting.

Step 3: Put the shell, Melanoides and sea stars into the melted the Jelly wax to cover the pore of the surface of these ornament.

Step 4: Spread the bottom of red wine glass with color sand, glass sand and color stone. Then lay out the these ornament.

Step 5: Pour the jelly wax into the red wine glass to cover the sands and these ornament. Then Pour again after 3-5 min.

Step 6: Insert the Candle wicks into the jelly wax after 10 min.

step 2

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