Candle Making Kits | 20cm Pre Waxed Wicks with Sustainer Tabs

Candle Making Kit | 100 Pieces x 20cm Pre Waxed Wicks with Sustainer Tabs, 100 dots Double-Sided Wick Stickers and 1 Piece Stainless Wick Fixed Holder | Candle Wicks for Candle Making / Candle DIY


☆100 Pieces Pre Waxed Wicks(approx.1.5mm in diameter) with Sustainer Tabs(1cm),Knitted from 100% Pure Cotton, no lead, zinc or other metals. With superb processing technology, No Black Smoking and Burning Stability when lit
☆100 Dots Double-Sided Wick Stickers,making it easy to fasten the wick sustainers to the candle holder
☆1 Piece Stainless Wick Fixed Holder,with 3 holes which allows you to have a single-wick or double-wick at one time, perfect for holding your wicks in place to ensure a perfectly centered wick
☆Please use wax or double-sided wick stickers to fix wick tab to the bottom of candle holder before filling the holder with the wax


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