Questions and answers on candle making

It is so easy to make candle. You can get some tutorials from our blog site or other sites. But there are always some questions about candle wicks, candle wax, candle molds and candle making. So, Here are some questions and answers on candle making for your reference.

Q: The basic materials for making candles ?

  A: Candle wicks candle wax candle molds

Q: Why there are black smoke coming from candles?

  A: if the candle wicks are to long, the flame gets to big, and you will get a lot of black smoke. So, trimmer the candle wicks to 1/4 inch before lighting each time, and also do not burn it over 4 hours at a time

Q: The wick of  my scented candle died, and  there is still have candle wax left?

  A:  Remelt the remaining wax, and buy some candle wicks from some online candle making supplies. And make a new candle. Why there is candle wax left is because that the candles do not burn incorrectly and the size of candle wicks are to thin, and do not meet the requirement of the diameter of scented candles. You can poke another hole or other 2 holes to make a 2-3 wicks candles to get a evenly burning.

Q: What makes my candles burn faster than the other candles?

  A:  The thickness of the candle, the wick material, the wax materials and the presence of a draft all influence the candle burning.

Q: Why my candle wicks won’t stay lit?

  A:  There are too much candle wax for the candle wicks to keep the candle stay lit. What you need to do is to cut away the top wax of candles, and not the wick. Do this until the wick can support the burning, also trimmer the candle wicks to 1/4 inch before lighting each time. 

Q: What is the best way to get to candle wax out of carpet?

  A:  Cover the spot with a clean brown paper bag, and place a clothes iron on it, set on low. It liquefies the wax and lets it transfer to the paper. Use a new paper bag as often as necessary until you get all of the wax. This can take some time.

Q: Does candle expire?

  A:  No, candles will never be expire. They can be burning forever. But candles in containers may shrink a little from the inner walls due to evaporation of water and solvents in the paraffin, beeswax or gel, and also smell maybe isn’t as strong anymore

Q: What is the best molds for making candles: metal, plastic, silicone?

  A:  Different candle molds will make different kinds of candles. If you want to make some standard smooth sided pillars and votives (square, round, pyramid, etc),  Metal, Plexiglas, or Polycarbonate molds will be the best choice. These will generally require a mold release to applied to ease the demolding process.  If you want to make more complicated shapes require the use two (or more) piece plastic molds or soft and flexible materials like Urethane or Silicone Rubber (preferred). These molds allow for candles in the shape of figurines and statues. 

Q: The candle wicks always  drown in the wax?

  A:  Remove the wax around the wick. Leave about a half inch perimeter around the wick with a quarter inch of the good part of the wick sticking out. The hole should only “fill up” with its own wax which will be fine if you let it be. If that doesn’t work you might have to dig out a wider hole.

Q: Why should  I trim candle wicks down to 1/4 inch?

  A:  It helps keep the soot/black smoke when  the candles. When we make a candles, there are always with a longer candle wicks. not with the size of 1/4 inch. So, we need to trim the wicks before lighting them.


Q: Where do i measure the 1/4″ from when trimming candle wicks?

  A:  The surface of the candle wax & the candle wick. Safer & no smoke & get more scent & longer use out of them


Q: Why my scented candles are always sparking when lighting ?

  A:  There are impurities in the wick. You need to remelt the candles to make a new one with A NEW Candle wicks.


Q: What the difference between the candles with one candle wicks or two?

  A:  It is also so that the candle wax will burn evenly so that you don’t have as much of the candle left over and wasted


Q: Difference between a wick and string?

  A:  A wick is just the right string to use in a candle. It is softer than most string and allows the hot wax to flow through it. You can try making candles with a cheap, soft string, it may work okay but if it’s not the right string it will burn down too fast and the candle will go out


Q: The right temperature for making soy candles?

  A:  Melting the soy wax with the temperature below 190 degrees, and then let it cool to between 120 – 110 degrees, then add you fragrance or scents , finally pour into the containers or candle mold


Q: How to clean my plastic candle molds?

  A:  You can heat the molds with warm water and the wax peels right out